Moving is one of the five most stressful things we can go through in life so why not let First Class Removals releave you of that stress. We cater to your every need weather its moving just down the road or moving all the way to the otherside of the country we can help.

Here at First Class no job is to big or too small, so you need your 4 bedroom house moved to Scotland? No problem we can take care of it. You need something collected and taking to your friends house? No problem we've got you. "I've got three beds, a dining table and a massive wardrobe that will need dismantling and reassembling at our new property is that something you can do?" Of course you take care of the legal part of the move and we can take care of the rest.

We aren't the biggest removal company out there but every move we do we like to think that the costumer is having a friend move them but with a profesionally high qauilty standard. Yes we are a removal company with over 10 years of experince but our main concerne is that our costumer is happy and stress free but also that every item moved is in the exact same condition before it was moved.


Full Pack

The full pack option is the most stress-free service that we provide were you don’t lift a finger. Our team of experts come in the day before your move and get everything packed up for you into boxes. So, whether it's your finessed china or your kid’s toys, we will pack everything. The team will carefully wrap all of your breakables in our wrapping paper and pack them into boxes. We also supply clear bags to pack up all your belongings that are maybe too big for a box such as pillows and duvets.

Office Move

Not only do we move people from one home to another but we also do part and full office moves. Whether it's moving just a few things from one office to another, or moving serval offices to another building or even moving your whole business to a new location we can help you. With our highly trained team we can move anything from big printers to large conference desks nothing is too big

National Move

Moving Local can be stressful and you're only going a few miles away imagine moving to the top of Scotland. Imagine no more because here at First Class Removals we can move you anywhere in the UK. Within our 10 years as a removal company, we have been all over. From place like Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cardiff, Newquay and many more. So, please get in touch and maybe just maybe you might ask us to move you somewhere we haven’t been.

Part Pack

The part pack option is more for people who want to pack up everything but don’t like packing the breakables or don’t know how to pack them safely.
So, people often ask us if we can just pack the kitchen and other breakables around the house to insure, they are packed correctly and safe to avoid any breakages.

Local Move

So, you're looking to move but not that far and you don’t want to spend a fortune. Then look no further here at First Class Removals we specialize in small and big moves in your local area. Covering areas such as Southampton, Winchester, The New Forest and all of the SO Postcodes.

Single Item

We maybe be a busy removal company but we also make time help people needing to move one or two things. So, you’ve sold something or brought something and it won’t fit in your car? Give us a call and we can collect it and drop it off at its destination. Maybe you don’t have time or can’t dismantle a bed or a triple wardrobe but need it taking to a friend's house or moved to another room then give us a ring and we can assist.

Local House Move

Guide Prices (excluding VAT)

1 Bedroom Flat

£ 200-250

  • 1 Van
  • 2 Men

2 Bedroom House

£ 350-450

  • 2 Vans
  • 2-3 Men

2 Bedroom Flat

£ 300-400

  • 1-2 Vans
  • 2-3 Men

3 Bedroom House

£ 500-600

  • 2 Vans
  • 3 Men

3 Bedroom Flat

£ 450-550

  • 2 Vans
  • 3 Men

4 Bedroom House

£ 700-800

  • 3 Vans
  • 3-4 Men


How many boxes can I get?

We are flexible 50-1000

On The Job