Here at First Class Removals, we offer a great range of services from removals to clearances but our biggest service we provide which we are most proud of is our secure storage facility in Southampton.

You're properly thinking well there a removal company and will probably only accept people that are moving in their storage. You couldn’t be further from the truth. We will store for anyone. Some people store their belongings because they have recently moved and don’t have room for it but couldn’t bear to think of getting rid of it. Other people like to store family's possessions due to bad circumstances.

But the most over looked element of storage is when you're trying to sell your house. So, you're trying to sell your house but something just isn’t right. Maybe you have to much stuff and the place looks a little cluttered, why not give us a ring and let us store some bits for you to help sell your house then when your happy and have sold your place we can re-deliver your items to make your house a home again.

Aside from storing small amounts of stuff to help people get organised we also provide storage on a bigger scale for the removal side. With completion dates being a hassle and stressing more about what you're going to do if your house sells and you haven’t found a place they worry no more. We provide short- and long-term storage to fit your needs. Our wooden storage containers are 5ft (w) x 7ft(d) x 8ft (h). But we haven’t recently had new ones built for bigger storage space.

So, if you're looking store stuff with us at First Class Removals give our friendly team a call and we will provide all the information you need.


Packing Supplies

At First Class Removals we like to cover all aspects of your removal. Which means making sure you start your removal off right with all the packing materials your need to get you start.

We supply Large boxes which are 18x18x18”, we then have our Smaller boxes which are 18x12x12. Boxes aren't the only thing we can supply, we can also provide Wrapping Paper for wrapping all your china, glasses, plates etc before placing them into a box. We then have Bubble Wrap, which people tend to wrap pictures and mirrors up in. Standard Brown Tap/ Fragile Tap is a very common and can be easy to get hold of but we do still supply it as it's easy to grab everything at once rather than go elsewhere. The most convenient thing we supply is Wardrobe Cartons. Instead of creasing all of your hanging clothes up why not hanging they back up in our cartons. The cartons we provide are either plastic ones, which are much sturdier and stronger or cardboard ones which are mainly used if you're going into storage.

All of our materials can be purchased at any time whether you choose us to move you or not. If you do choose to pack yourself and need boxes and other materials give us a call and we can drop them round ASAP so you can get a head start on that packing because the last thing you want to do is be packing all night the day before you move.

If you decided to go for our Full Pack or Part Pack service then materials will be slightly discounted and include within the price of the pack. Just because you have booked for one of these services doesn’t mean you can’t still get materials before we come round, just give us an email at [email protected] or ring us on 07908048273 and we will try our best to get the right deal for you.
Packing Supplies

Moving Materials

Guide Prices (excluding VAT)

Large DW Boxes

£ 1.50 per box

  • 18x18x18 (inches)

Bubble Wrap (1cm)

£ 9 per roll

  • For Small Items

Small DW Boxes

£ 1 per box

  • 18x12x12 (inches)

Bubble Wrap (2cm)

£ 14 per roll

  • For Pictures/Mirrors

Full Pack of Paper

£ 12 per 500 sheets

  • For Wrapping

Wardrobe Cartons

£ 9 per carton

  • For Hanging Clothes

Half Pack of Paper

£ 6.50 per 250 sheets

  • For Wrapping


£ 1.20 per roll

  • Regular Brown Tape